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Mahr Music Press

The Music of Timothy Mahr

Listening with our hearts



Welcome to Mahr Music Press LLC! That you’ve landed here is a testament to your superior intellect and refined taste — that’s what I like to think, anyway!  I encourage you to listen with your heart.

Mahr Music Press LLC has been established to share the music of Timothy Mahr, a prolific, Ostwald Award-winning composer.  That would be me!  My works in manuscript have been accumulating over the years and it’s exciting to now make them available worldwide to those discerning conductors and performers interested in the music’s message and the experience of recreating the scores in live performance. 

Notable among these compositions is Etched in Stone, a timely piece involving a narrator sharing the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Wind Symphony of Clovis will perform Etched in Stone at The Midwest Clinic on Wednesday, December 18 at 1:30 pm, with Gary P. Gilroy conducting and Alfred Watkins providing the narration.

In addition, you’ll find my Symphony No. 1, commissioned by a consortium of over 50 bands from across the nation, and my new Suite for Band, a work of which I’m particularly proud.  There are also ten other pieces (Grades 3-6) for you to consider in this opening launch of the site, and all are available for easy purchase at reasonable prices.  As the company grows, I’ll be adding more band works, as well my music for chamber ensembles, orchestra, and chorus.  Please bookmark the site for return visits.

Thank you for your consideration — it means the world to me.  So would a large order!