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Tax-exempt Status

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has indicated that digital teaching materials are tax-exempt when purchased by school programs and non-profit organizations.  To take advantage of this you’ll simply have to send me a copy of the statement your organization has on file that attests to its tax-exempt status.  If none is available, you can fill out the following online form indicating your status and send it to me at  It only takes a few minutes to do so.  Thanks!   

Certificate of Exemption from the Minnesota Department of Revenue:

Notes on Downloading

Upon completing your order, you will receive two emails: an email receipt confirming the order, amount paid, etc.; and an email containing a link to download your purchases. Sometimes these messages might be accidentally marked as spam by email applications and clients, so please check junk and spam folders if you cannot find our message in your inbox. 

Please take the time download the item immediately, as the link will expire in 24 hours.  Contact Mahr Music Press if you have a problem with this procedure and we’ll get it worked out.

  • Scores are distributed as a single PDF. 

  • Performances Sets are packaged in a zip file that contains the score (11X17) and the full set of parts (8.5X11). 

You will be responsible for printing the PDFs – an increasingly common method used by many composers and publishers. 

Payment options

The quickest and easiest way to secure a payment is to use a school or personal credit card when checking out from the online store.  If you are unable to make this purchase with a credit card and need to use a school purchase order, please email me at with your order and we’ll move forward with the transaction with an appropriate and efficient process.