Bright Side

Grade  5  |  Duration 2:15  

For the Edina Concert Band and dedicated to our dear friend and colleague, William Webb

For as long as I’ve had the good fortune to know William Webb, I’ve been impressed by the totality of his person. Bill is simply one of the very best people I’ve ever known. He’s the genuine deal. A consummate and highly effective educator, Bill is a refined musician, and a devoted and devout family man. His record of achievement with the Edina High School band program in Edina, Minnesota is exemplary, and his tireless contributions to the Minnesota Symphonic Winds since their founding in 1978 have been critical to their success. Throughout the over 30 years I’ve known him, Bill has demonstrated repeatedly an optimism that underscores his path through life. Often I’d find myself less than thrilled about certain prospects ahead of me, and Bill, by way of simple yet eloquent comments, would help guide me toward a more reasonable path forward, and all with a smile in his eyes and honest energy in his voice.

Of late, Bill has had to face incredibly challenging personal health concerns. The lesser among us (certainly myself) might have easily succumbed to a self-pity and bitterness under similar circumstances. Not Bill. No way. Always the teacher, he now models a response to difficulty that shines a light on how an ordeal might be confronted. I’ve learned many things from this fine man. The most important lesson perhaps has been to always look on the bright side.

The work was premiered by the Edina Concert Band, Paul Kile, conductor in September 2016.

Audio: Recording is by the St. Olaf Band with the composer conducting. 
Video: Courtesy St. Olaf College. Used by Permission.


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