Adoramus te, Christe

Grade 3 | Duration 2:30

The career of Italian composer Quirino Gasparini culminated with his appointment as maestro di capella of the Turin Chapel from 1760 until his death in 1778. Although his work is not as well known as many of his contemporaries, Gasparini was much admired during his day. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his father, Leopold Mozart, met Gasparini in 1771 and the threesome established a friendship. Adoramus te, Christe was attributed to W.A. Mozart until 1922, when it was ascertained that the work was a copy in Leopold’s hand of a work by Gasparini. That the composition was thought to be from Mozart’s pen is a testament to its musical integrity.


The first audio recording is by the St. Olaf Band performing the band alone version of the transcription.  The second is of the St. Olaf Band using the choral parts in tandem with a simple harp intro to combine the choral sound with the band sound.  This option is not notated in the score, but can be understood from the recording, if one would care to perform it this way.


St. Olaf Band, 2013 CBDNA National Conference. Courtesy of St. Olaf College.  Used by Permission.



See the full score below. Suggested use:

Start playing the audio, then scroll down to the score and open it.  Expand the score to full page and adjust more if needed for your viewing situation.   While viewing the score, drag from the left to the right.  The arrows change two pages at a time.