Grade 4 | Duration 2:00

Exemplar was commissioned by the band programs of Rosemount High School and Eden Prairie High School in observance of the retirement of Mr. Steve Olsen.

Steve Olsen is a teacher’s teacher. An educator who is a consummate musician, an effective motivator, and an incredibly positive influence on the students lucky enough to make music with him over his career, he has certainly left his mark. His many contributions to the communities in which he worked were notable and important. Along with the teaching teams assembled around him, Mr. Olsen aspired to have his programs operate at the highest level of musicianship and integrity, and in doing so, he helped to bring notice and respect to the bands and the communities in which he taught.

I’ve had a number of opportunities to visit with Steve over the years, and I can’t recall a time when it wasn’t an uplifting experience – he always seemed to be considering the exciting possibilities ahead, all an easy smile and that famous twinkle in his eyes. Many would agree that his commitment to his art and his love for his students, colleagues, and communities were exemplary. What a fantastic role model he has been for all of us!

This recording is of the premiere by the Rosemount High School Wind Ensemble, Ben Harloff, conductor.

See the full score below. Suggested use:

Start playing the audio, then scroll down to the score and open it.  Expand the score to full page and adjust more if needed for your viewing situation.   While viewing the score, drag from the left to the right.  The arrows change two pages at a time.