Suite for Band

Grade 4 | Duration 10:00

Suite for Band
   1. Leaning Forward
   2. Looking Back
   3. Lifting Spirits

I was honored when Mr. Russ Kramer, Director of Bands at Mason City High School (IA) approached me with the idea of creating a work for band to celebrate the construction of a new space in which artistic and civic programs would be presented in their community. After discussions, faithful supporters O. Jay and Pat Tomson commissioned a composition for the Mason City High School Symphonic Band to commemorate the opening of the new performance hall at Mason City High School.

The first movement of the suite, Leaning Forward, opens with intensity and does not let up as it presents its themes. Harmonic choices and rhythmic elements were all designed to propel the music in a manner reflective of the energies of the visionary leaders behind the construction of the new facility, as well as the spirit of those students, faculty and community members that would enliven the auditorium in the years ahead.

Looking Back, the second movement, offers music conducive to contemplating the proud heritage of Mason City, as well as its high school and storied music program.

The final movement, Lifting Spirits, captures the exuberance within the school and community, bringing the suite to a joyous conclusion.

Video Courtesy St. Olaf College. Used by Permission.

This recording is by the St. Olaf Band with the composer conducting.


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