and in this dream there were eight windows …

Grade  5  |  Duration 9:45  

This composition is a modest exploration of the expressive potential contained in a synthetic eight-tone scale:

(ascending order: A, Bb, C, Db, Eb, F, G, Ab)

None of the other four available pitches (B, D, E, F#)were used throughout the work. Through limitation one at times discovers freedom.

As I began composing, ideas evolved that were seemingly propelled by the power each scale tone possessed to release musical moments that developed their own style and character. During the relaxed mental state of improvisation, I sensed a liberating process within these pitches. Each created a perceptual window through which different musical worlds could be experienced.

and in this dream there were eight windows ... was premiered on October 19, 2003 by the University of St. Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Dr. Matthew J. George, conductor, in Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This recording is by the St. Olaf Band with the composer conducting.

See the full score below. Suggested use:

Start playing the audio, then scroll down to the score and open it.  Expand the score to full page and adjust more if needed for your viewing situation.   While viewing the score, drag from the left to the right.  The arrows change two pages at a time.