Grade 3 | Duration 5:00

Mindscapes offers a musical journey that is unique to each listener. A wide variety of emotional states and levels of energy are presented while developing a few central musical ideas. All of this is done with the sole intent of inviting the musicians and audiences to turn inward when encountering the score, with perhaps each member engaging his or her mind’s eye while hearing this music.

The work is dedicated to the Lake Middle School 8th Grade Concert Band and its director, Mr. Roderic VanScoy III, Woodbury, Minnesota.

This recording is of a performance by the 2013 St. Olaf Summer Music Camp Band with the composer conducting, on a total of perhaps two hours of rehearsal.



See the full score below. Suggested use:

Start playing the audio, then scroll down to the score and open it.  Expand the score to full page and adjust more if needed for your viewing situation.   While viewing the score, drag from the left to the right.  The arrows change two pages at a time.