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Well, here we go!  I’ve been contemplating entering the self-publishing world for a number of years now, and it just seemed to be the right time this past summer to dive in.  It’s been exciting and a lot more work than I anticipated!  I certainly appreciate having had the expert advice of a number of people in the process of building and launching

The number of my works in manuscript has been accumulating over the past decade and I’m excited to share them with you now.  Among them are Etched in Stone, a timely piece involving a narrator sharing the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., my Symphony No. 1, commissioned by a consortium of over 50 bands from across the nation, and my recent Suite for Band. I’m hopeful that you’ll check out my offerings, which currently range from grade 3-6.

As many of you know, my position at St. Olaf College as a professor of music and the conductor of the St. Olaf Band is my full-time job.  That said, the easiest and most efficient, proficient, and cost-effective way for me to handle this new responsibility of getting my music out to the world will find me taking advantage of recent technological advances, by which this old man means pdf and zip files.  I will be sending out a zip file for each work purchased that will contain the score (11X17) and the full set of parts (8.5X11).  The buyer will be responsible for printing a set of performance part – this an increasingly common method used by many composers and publishers. This process will hold the cost down for you and make it possible for me to keep on top of things.

Timothy Mahr